Professional coffee grinder Mahlkoenig K30 Vario

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Professional On-demand coffee grinder K30 Vario.
Technical data:
  • Steel grinding discs
  • Grinding disc  diameter – 65 mm.
  • Stepless grind adjustment
  • Grinding capacity – 3.6-4.8 g./sec.
  • Hopper capacity – 1500 g.
  • Illuminated display
  • Preset single/double shot
  • Portion control (with timer)
  • Dimensions – 24/55/32 cm
  • Weight - 13 kg.


RFID function

Our RFID solution offers a MAHLKÖNIG K30 single espresso grinder that communicates via radio frequency either with a tag on a hopper, a tag on a coffee bag or with a preloaded 
chip card enclosed to the coffee delivery. 

Benefits for the roaster:

  • improved brand loyalty
  • customer tie
  • quality control
  • control on investment
  • certainty that grinder is only used for defined coffee
Benefits for the outlet:

  • grind-on-demand: constant quality for every customer
  • hands-free operation of the grinder
  • preventive maintenance messages on display
  • easy and fast cleaning of the grinder

K30 Triple

  • preset of 10 different doses via software and arrow buttons
  • ensured coffee quality thanks to dosing consistency

K30 Cash interface (CI)

  • connection of the grinder to an electronic cash system
  • control on primary product input and personalisation of shots
  • recording shot quantity per day or per defined time period (e.g. per shift)