Sanremo Zoe Coffee Machine

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Brand: Sanremo SRL
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Zoe Compact is the perfect commercial espresso machine for where the space is limited, but desire to make an excellent cup of coffee is crucial. This is a 2 group professional espresso machine  that takes only 53cm (width). With its 7.5 l capacity boiler and two steam wands it is perfectly sufficient for pubs, bars and restaurants. Its simple design and colour variation makes this machine fit in perfectly in any decor.

 With an innovative design where the frame for the first time in the world of espresso coffee machines, also forms part of the exterior of the machine. With this solution, the coffee machine can combine two aspects: attractive design at an affordable price.

This coffee machine is both modern and elegant and offers exceptional value, perfect for the current coffee business.

Thanks to its basic structure and small size of the coffee machine, it fits perfectly with modern cafes where space is limited and strictly structured.The Sanremo Zoe espresso machine comes in 1 group, 2 group and 3 group formats with an additional compact 2 group version. The innovative design for the first time amongst espresso machines, incorporates the frame as part of the exterior of the machine. This allows the machine to have a small footprint across all sizes. Another design feature sees interchangeable panels in a range of colours that can be coordinated with a white or black exterior frame.

On the technical side, the Sanremo Zoe utilises a heat exchanger boiler to produce its espresso. So, if you’re looking for a dependable, stylish, keenly priced espresso machine – we give you the Sanremo Zoe.


The machine name comes from the Italian writer Italo Calvino, calling one of his “Invisible Cities” ZOE and describes it as the city of indivisible existence, impossible to find the line “that separates the inside from the outside.” This reference fits perfectly with Zoe’s innovative concept and its premiere structural framework. Volumetric dosing; automatic cleaning cycle; programmable pre-infusion ; E61 group head

Dimensions: 720/528/537 mm

Boiler Capacity: 10 l

Power: 3050 W

Voltage: 230/400 (V)

Weight: 62 kg  

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