Hario - metal drip scale V60

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Brand: Hario
Product Code: VSTM-2000HSV
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Metal drip scale developed by Japanese company Hario is an extremely easy and precise tool for gauge the weight and time.

Guaranteed a perfect extract every time.

  • Minimum measurement deviation of +/- 1 g. 500 g in weight.

  • Maximum weight measurement up to 2 kg.

  • Timer duration up to 99 minutes.

  • Self-priming batteries thanks to usb cable - plug into the port on your computer and load.

Method of Use:

Place the appliance or the court which will prepare coffee and tare.

Pour the ground coffee and tare again. Start the timer and start brewing.

Country of origin: Japan

Material: Plastic, metal

Dimensions: 17.5 x 12 x 3 cm.

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