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Electric Kettle Buono - Hario

164.29 лв.
Electric kettle - Hario.Product information:Material: stainless steelCapacity: 1000 ml. (s..

Hario - Coffee Drip Scale/Timer

149.96 лв.
Hario scale measures in 0.01 gram increments.Timer for perfect measureEasy to use.Uses 2 AAA batteri..

Hario - Latte shaker

26.00 лв.
An extremely easy to use shaker developed by Japanese company Hario.Easy handling and clean.How to u..

Hario - metal drip scale V60

208.60 лв.
Metal drip scale developed by Japanese company Hario is an extremely easy and precise tool for gauge..

Hario - server black handle 600 ml.

22.40 лв.
Coffee server from high quality glass by Hario. Easy to use and clean.  It can be used as ..

Hario Coffee Dripper V60 CERAMIC - 2 cups

44.24 лв.
Easy filtration method to prepare delicious coffee at home, in the office, or in your coffee shop.Us..

Hario Drip Kettle Buono

99.96 лв.
Hario metal kettle for coffee by filtering method. Great for making filtration like Chemex, French p..

Hario Smart Beam Heater BGST 400E

1,147.40 лв.
Smart beam heater by Hario. Temperature and Time Can be "Intuitively" Set with One-Touch OperationCh..

Hario Syphon Metal Filter Holder

27.13 лв.
Metal filter attachment for Hario Coffee Syphon Technica. Easy to use and clean.Material: metalOrigi..

Hario- Hydrogen water bottle - HWP-10

187.96 лв.
Hario- Hydrogen water bottle Made of high quality glass Covered with rubber sealCapacity: 1000 ml (a..

Hario- V60 server glass 600 ml.

51.63 лв.
Hario V60 server made of glass.Made of high quality glass Keep your coffee warm Covered with rubber ..

V60 Arm stand set

194.99 лв.
Filtration kit, developed by Japanese company Hario.The set includes: V60 metal cup with a silicone ..

French Coffee Press Hario

70.42 лв.
Made of high quality heat insulating glass and stainless steel.Available sizes: 300 ml. - 2/3 cups o..

Hario "Slim" - Manual coffee grinder

93.00 лв.
Sleek, slim design that also makes it easy for storage.Easy to clean and use.Beautiful ceramic upper..
Decoration set for cappuccino - Motta

Decoration set for cappuccino - Motta

22.00 лв.

19.00 лв.

Decoration set for cappuccino and latte - Motta.Material: stainless steel; dishwasher safeDimen..

Electronic scale Concept Art

35.20 лв.
Scale for measuring the weight - Concept Art. Precision measurement with minimum deviation of 0.1 g...
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