Hario Smart Beam Heater BGST 400E

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Brand: Hario
Product Code: BGST-400E
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Smart beam heater by Hario. Temperature and Time Can be "Intuitively" Set with One-Touch Operation
Choose from 3 Modes/Touch Panel Heater

Halogen heater -In locations where flames may not be safe to use, the Smart Beam Heater can brew delicious syphon coffee safely and accurately.
Stylish design - It is stylish in design with elegant features! It looks great on countertops and has an intuitive touch panel screen!
Touch panel screen -It digitally displays the time and temperature all at once, while giving the user the ability to operate all the variables with just one finger.

Dimensions:   W215 x D235 x H165 mm
Voltage:  220V  50/60Hz
Power:  400W
Wire length: 1.6 m
Weight : 2.4KG
Country of origin: Japan