French Coffee Press Hario

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Brand: Hario
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Made of high quality heat insulating glass and stainless steel.
Available sizes: 300 ml. - 2/3 cups of coffee.
Easy to use and clean.
One of the best ways to get rich fragrance and essential oils of coffee is the French press.

Method of preparation:

1. 350 ml of water are placed with 20 g. of coffee.
    Ground coffee wholesale pour hot water around 92 ° C. The liquid is then stirred with a wooden stirrer and allowed 4-6 minutes.
    Then release slowly, pushed down and the coffee comes under pressure up.

2. For French press coffee must be ground to a bulk in order to achieve more consistent and better extract which in the glass is expressed as a full-bodied and more expressive taste.

3. The temperature of the water to prepare the French press should be around 92 ° C. The pouring water should be quickly and aggressively to coffee can be mixed. Do not pour water on the wall of the press as often fresh coffee is rapidly expanding.

4. It is also important to measure the exact time for the preparation of the extract and the time should not be longer than 6 minutes. But this all depends on you and on your taste. So do not be afraid to experiment.

Material: Metal, glass
Country of origin: Japan